A very weird Dall-E-2 story about light and fire

Finally! Dall-E-2 the Open Ai that converts text into pictures is available to the public! Everyone should try it at least once. I experienced an infant-like joy when I got the first results of the images I typed in via text. And it is pretty addictive. I plan to try out some more shortly but I want to read up on some suggestions and recommendations first. Check out Reddit for more fun concepts with Dalle-E-2.

A UX Designer in a penthouse with his laptop on his knees staring out of the window into the sunrise

Little did the UX designer know that this would be the last time that he would see a sunrise in his lifetime. In fact he was blissfully unaware until his demise.

Cats playing the violin and partying on a yacht

How could we have missed the signs? The cats were behaving unusually. Quite unusual actually. Soon the began playing the violins on the yachts. Dancing, drinking having fun.

A girl in a white dress surrounded by fire in crayon

Nevertheless the girl in the white dress has been summoned. No one knows who summoned her. There seems to be a circle of people, maybe cats even that are conspiring to end the world. Or at least take it over.

A girl in a white dress at the end of the world

More girls in white dresses appeared. Undoubtedly following some mischievous plan. Creating balls of fire that swallowed whole landscapes.

Photorealistic Lion running over a field of poppies

To be sure not all the cats in the cat world agreed with the secret plans of some drunk partying kittens. Cooogoo a strong, impressive lion tried his best to stop the kittens. Despite all his effots. It was too late.

Girl in a white dress at the end of the world (crayon?)

The girls in the white dresses completed their plan. But wherever there is an ending a new door opens. A new world emerged.

Woman riding a horse over a field of sunflowers in the style of Monet

After all, a new sort of people living in symbiosis with nature came to be. Happily writing horses and enjoying the new world made for them.

End of story.


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